Underwater LED Light 

M4 and M4-X LED Light

The Underwater M4 LED light was designed for light duty ROV's and commercial divers. It is made out of 6061 Aluminium and black anodized for protection from the harshest environments. It's small design makes for easy mounting to diving helmets, ROV's and many other applications. Using the latest in LED technology from Cree, the M4 delivers more then 140 lumens per watt, putting out more then 1,700+ lumens of light.


The M4 is one of the most universal lights on the market. It can be fitting with almost any color LED: red, blue, green, or ultra violet to name a few. The standard aluminum housing is rated for 2,000 meter depths and was tested at 2,500 meters. It come with a MCBH3M stainless steel connector and many different connector options. It can also be made out of 316 stainless steel or Titanium with an optional sapphire lens for deeper depths 

M4 Underwater LED Light
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M4-X Underwater LED Light
M4-X LED Light Data sheet.pdf
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M6 and M6-X LED light

The M6 is a multipurpose underwater LED light designed for commercial divers, ROV's, Inspections, and many other uses. Made out of 6061 Aluminum and black anodized for protection with a depth rating of 2,000 meters. Its also available in 316 Stainless steel or Titanium for the tougher jobs or deeper depths.

The M6 was designed with optic lens to focus and control the light output pattern. The lens come in a clear, ripple linear, or frosted finish and also available in different patterns. An 19° narrow spot, 28° medium spot, 48° wide spot, or a 24°x44° elliptical spot.

The M6 come standard with a 1,700 lumen Cree LED and the M6-X comes with a 4,000 lumen Cree LED. It universal design also allow it to be fitting with an array of different colored LED like red, green, amber, blue, and even ultraviolet. Standard connector is a Subconn MCBH2MSS and it can also be fitting with many different subsea connectors 

M6 Underwater Optic LED Light
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M6-X Underwater Optic LED Light
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