RackMount Underwater Video Systems

Underwater video systems

Underwater video equipment 

The VLCR-RM video and light controller was designed to integrate into dive shacks, control rooms and many other applications. It supplies power for 1 to 4 different cameras and 1 to 4 different LED lights with adjustable brightness form 0-100% intensity.

Lights and cameras can be independently controlled with their own on/off switch that is illuminated to indicate it is on. The DVR is user friendly and easy to control with the panel buttons or supplied USB mouse and IR remote control. Video is recorded to an internal 250G Hard drive and can be simply transferred to a USB memory stick for sharing.

The VLCR-RM can records up 4 channels of video and 1 channels of audio at the same time. You can also watch and save the video's at the same time you are recording live videos. The picture can be displayed onto any TV or computer monitor with it HDMI, VGA, or BNC video outputs. Its also has an Ethernet port to connect to the internet for live streaming or video playback. The system can be customized to tailor to your specific needs. i.e. like video text overlay, 2nd light per camera, different pin-out to adapt to customer existing video cables 

VLCR-RM Series
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Rackmount package pricing 

 The RM series underwater video system can be built in 1, 2, 3, or 4 diver versions with the option of a 2nd light controller per diver. The console can be customized to adapt to other manufactures equipment. Typical 1 diver packages included 1 VLCR-RM console, 1 MC-750 camera, 1 M4 LED light, 1 (330ft) underwater video cable. Package are made to customer's need and can be built many different ways. Please contact us with some details of you operation or your needs so we can build you the perfect system