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Commercial diving video system

The VLCR-17P is a complete portable standalone underwater high definition  video system for commercial diving applications. It is integrated into a dependable Pelican Storm case for its outstanding durability. This is a go anywhere video system that weights less the 25 lbs. It can operate almost anywhere with its standard 12 volt DC auxiliary power, simply by connecting it to a car or boat battery and it can be powered by a 110-240 volt A/C power. The system can be built in 1, 2, 3, or 4 diver version. Every camera and light has it's own illuminated on/off push button with circuit breakers. LED brightness is adjustable for 0-100% with the turn of a knob. Video is displayed on a super bright sun-readable monitor.


The operating system is user friendly with one touch recording and bold detailed icons for key feature like PIP, Video snap shot, record, and pause/play. Navigating the system can be done in a variety of ways, with the supplied IR remote, USB mouse, or the main panel buttons. The VLCR-17P stores hours of video, sound, and pictures that can be save to the internal 120GB hard driver (a larger hard drive available upon request). Files can be backed up to a USB memory stick or to a network with its Ethernet port. It also has HDMI outputs to view simultaneously on larger monitors or TV's and can be set up to stream live or view recorded video over the internet with suitable internet connection. We also offer an optional video text over lay module and keyboard available  

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